Geranium Drive



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From the void...

It all started when…

What comes to mind when considering any music in todays generation is whether it can speak now to any listener who is willing to give it attention. 

However, the world of geranium drive is filled with wonder for those with ears to listen. 

These four Austin lads have created a gathering of songs that echoes the sounds we hear in the world around us. The old themes, such as love and loneliness, anger and compassion are here. But they are set in in the context of today. A today that often feels as linked and interconnected as it feels disenfranchised and isolated.

The music takes a variety of different shapes and forms as it travels across the speakers. Some songs may have you recall sounds you have not heard for many years. Others insist on the listeners attention as they close in towards their final moment. 

Geranium Drive’s Bass, Guitar and Drums-men take to the stage with braggadocio and infectious excitement that demonstrates their force as a band that is meant to be seen as well as heard. Be sure to give a listen to their latest selection of songs available on Now Spotify and Bandcamp.